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Avid solutions are used to create the most listened to, watched and loved media in the world. Our certified courses equip budding media enthusiasts and seasoned professionals with the skills required to harness Avid’s powerful technology with proficiency.

The interactive nature of our courses, all of which are taught by seasoned educators with in-depth industry experience, allow participants to put into practice what they learn.

Course Overview Duration Cost
Media Composer: Editing Essentials
(Code: MC101)
Aimed at producers, editors and assistant editors, 'Editing Essentials' provides a comprehensive introduction to the range of editing features available within Media Composer. 3 days £520 more info
Media Composer: Effects Essentials
(Code: MC110)
Designed for those familiar with the basics of Media Composer, ‘Effects Essentials’ uses real-world projects to teach the essentials of how to create audio and video effects using Media Composer. 2 days £650 more info
Media Composer: A Full Introduction
(Code: MC100)
Combining elements from courses ’Editing Essentials’ and ‘Effects Essentials’, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to editing within Media Composer. 5 days £1000
Recertification: £50
more info
Media Composer: Professional Editing I
(Code: MC201)
Designed for editors, assistant editors and multimedia producers, this two-day course focuses primarily on short-form workflows. It will furnish you with the tips, tricks and in-depth knowledge required to take you to a new level of editing. 2 days £650 more info
Media Composer: Professional Editing II
(Code: MC210)
Designed for editors, assistant editors and multimedia producers, this 3-day course will enable you to continue to build the necessary knowledge to distinguish yourself as a true editing professional. 3 days £750 more info
Media Composer: Comprehensive Professional Editing
(Code: MC200)
Covering both short-form and long-form workflows, this five day course combines ‘Professional Editing I’ (MC201) and ‘Professional Editing II’ (MC210). 5 days £1200 more info
Pro Tools: Fundamentals I
(Code: PT101)
This course offers audio enthusiasts with little or no prior experience a perfect introduction to the basic principles of digital music production and recording in Pro Tools. 2 days £250 more info
Pro Tools: Fundamentals II
(Code: PT110)
Designed for audio engineers, musicians and sound editors working in film and television, ‘Fundamentals II’ covers all the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system. 3 days £300 more info
Pro Tools: User Certification
(Code: PT100)
By combining 'Fundamentals I' and 'Fundamentals II', this course provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of recording, editing and mixing, as well as the principles of elastic audio, automation and managing session data within Pro Tools. 5 days £500
more info
Pro Tools: Games Audio
(Code: PT130)
This course is designed for audio engineers, sound designers, musicians, multimedia producers and those with an interest in using Pro Tools to create sound for games and interactive media. 2 days £250 more info
Pro Tools: Production I
(Code: PT201)
Building on the foundations of the Pro Tools 100 level courses, the Pro Tools Production I course develops the core concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools|HD system in a professional studio environment. 2 days £500 more info
Pro Tools: Production II (Post Production
(Code: PT210)
The PT210P Pro Tools Production II (Post Production) course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools in a professional post production environment. Concepts and skills learnt in the ‘Pro Tools Fundamentals I’ (PT101), ‘Pro Tools Fun- damentals II’ (PT110) and ‘Pro Tools Production I’ (PT201) courses are reinforced with practical post-specific examples. 3 days £1100 more info
Pro Tools - Operator Post Certification
(Code: PT200P)
This course combines ‘Pro Tools Production I and II’ (PT 201 and PT210P) and builds on the foundations of the Pro Tools 100 level courses. 5 days £1500
Pro Tools: 310|S6
(Code: PT310)
The Advanced Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Workflows course uses a blended learning approach offering online e-learning materials followed by a practical classroom course to give hands-on experience of this highly configurable control surface. This course moves through the basics of setting up and assigning the S6 modules, configuring the console with Pro Tools software, and advanced navigation and automation workflows, giving you an in-depth understanding of techniques that can be applied to gain more operational efficiency. 3 days £1500 more info
Sibelius: An Introduction
(Code: SB101)
Aimed at composers, arrangers, publishers and music teachers, this course is the first crucial step in mastering Sibelius, the most popular music notation software in use today. 1 days £120 more info
Sibelius: The Essentials
(Code: SB110)
Aimed at composers, arrangers and publishers, ‘The Essentials’ covers how to create a simple lead sheet using Sibelius and introduces more advanced notations, as well as some of the software’s more creative features. 2 days £250 more info
Sibelius: A Comprehensive Introduction
(Code: SB100)
By combining ‘Sibelius – An Introduction’ and ‘Sibelius – The Essentials’, this course teaches how to get the best from the world’s best-selling music notation software at User Level. 3 days £320 more info
iNEWS: An Introduction
(Code: IN 101)
This course is designed to empower current and aspiring news professionals with the critical skills required to use iNEWS efficiently. 2 days £400 more info
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