iNEWS: An Introduction (IN101)

2-day course

This course equips participants with the critical skills required to use iNEWS efficiently, including how to log in, navigate and browse the system for assignments, news wires, e-mail and messaging specific to iNEWS.

Participants master the techniques required to create, compose and edit stories, and embed machine control commands within them. If you are a producer or director, you will learn specific skills for constructing shows and rundowns.

Areas covered:

  • Logging in and navigating iNEWS
  • Browsing the system for assignments, news wires, e-mail, and messaging specific to iNEWS
  • Creating, composing and editing stories
  • Using macros
  • Writing scripts manually and with macros
  • Using scripting functionality to set up the workspace
  • Embedding machine control commands within stories
  • Using production functionality to understand lineup devices, use forms, versioning and time, and control graphics.
This course is split into 3 sections, and a specialism can be nominated when you book:

  • BASICS: All system users and personnel, including photographers, journalists and video editors who need only basic access
  • SCRIPTING: Reporters, anchors, producers, sports and weather personnel who need to create stories for air
  • PRODUCING: Producers and directors who need to manipulate and approve content for air.

What is included:

  • Tuition from certified trainers
  • Individual work station equipped with Mac Pro or HP Z440
  • All course-related materials
  • Avid Certified User Examination.


  • None.


  • A thorough grounding in all iNEWS functionality
  • Ability to sit the accompamying Avid Certified User Examination
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