Media Composer – Comprehensive Professional Editing

5-day course

Covering both short-form and long-form workflows, this five-day course combines ‘Professional Editing I’ (MC201) and ‘Professional Editing II’ (MC210).

Upon completion, participants will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the advanced editing techniques available within Media Composer and the professional level certification to demonstrate their in-depth proficiency.

Areas covered:

  • Planning your editing process
  • Inputting and managing media
  • Using multicam editing
  • Using advanced editing and timeline management techniques
  • Working with graphics and mattes
  • Multilayer and composite graphics
  • Performing basic colour correction techniques
  • Preparing your audio mix using tools like EQ, compressors and expanders
  • Delivering a high-quality finished file
  • Utilising workflows for long-form keyframing
  • Preparing for the edit
  • Using colour management techniques
  • Custom and master settings
  • Using script-based editing
  • Performing advanced trimming and timeline techniques
  • Managing metadata for output
  • Working with multichannel audio, surround sound, and audio ducking
  • Using the paint tools to fix common image problems and apply treatments
  • Using the compositing and tracking tools
  • Improving your story with VFX.

What’s included:

  • Tuition from certified trainers
  • Individual workstation equipped with Mac Pro, iMac or HP Z440
  • All course-related materials
  • Avid Certified MC201 & 210 examinations at the end of the course.


  • Completion of MC101 & MC110 or equivalent experience of 12 months of full-time editing on Media Composer
  • A background as an editor, assistant editor, director or producer is strongly recommended.


  • Expert knowledge and a comprehensive overview of Media Composer’s advanced editing functionality
  • Upon successful completion of the examination, participants benefit from Avid’s Professional Media Composer Certification.
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