Pro Tools – User Certification (Code: PT100)

5-day course

This comprehensive five-day course combines ‘Pro Tools Fundamentals I’ (PT101) and ‘Pro Tools Fundamentals II’ (PT110) so that participants learn the basics of recording, editing and mixing, in addition to the principles of elastic audio, automation and managing session data.

Upon completion, you will be able to operate Pro Tools effectively and have the certification to prove it.

Areas covered:

  • Creating a session and Pro Tools interface
  • Audio recording
  • Importing media into your session
  • MIDI recording
  • Selecting and navigating
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Basic mixing techniques
  • Finishing your work
  • Configuring your studio and session
  • Controlling Pro Tools using external controllers
  • Managing session data and media files
  • Using loop recording and advanced techniques to record MIDI and audio
  • Working with timescales and virtual instruments
  • Working with Elastic Audio
  • Editing and quantising MIDI and audio
  • Using audio editing and file management techniques
  • Applying editing techniques
  • Enabling, playing, viewing and editing automation data
  • Mixing using sends, returns, plug-ins, master faders and groups.

What’s included:

  • Tuition from certified trainers
  • Individual workstation equipped with Mac Pro or iMac
  • All course-related materials
  • Avid Certified User Examination.


  • Familiarity with Mac computers and a basic understanding of recording techniques, processes and equipment.


  • Pro Tools User Certification.
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