Pro Tools: Games Audio (Code: PT130)

2-day course

This two-day course is designed for audio engineers, sound designers, musicians, multimedia producers or anyone wishing to become involved in sound for games and interactive media.

It shines a spotlight on the core skills, workflow and concepts involved in creating and implementing game audio using Pro Tools software.

Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, providing you with ample time to experiment with sample material.

Areas covered:

  • Understanding game audio workflow
  • Working with dialogue
  • Incorporating Foley
  • Adding sound effects
  • Working with background (ambient) sounds
  • Creating an interactive music score
  • Incorporating realistic vehicle sounds
  • Creating dynamic cinematics.

What’s included:

  • Tuition from certified trainers
  • Individual workstation equipped with Mac Pro or iMac
  • All course-related materials
  • Avid Certified User Examination.


  • Pro Tools Fundamentals I


  • An understanding of game audio workflow and techniques used in recording, editing and preparing assets for games
  • • Knowledge of
  • Knowledge of basic implementation within Unity.
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