Media & VFX Studio Helping you to create rich visual effects

Our Media and VFX studio is home to a wide range of sophisticated technology, enabling the creation of rich visual effects.

Green screen cove

Our green screen cove can be configured to cover up to three studio walls and the floor with high quality Optical Green. The screen is made from Velcro receptive material suitable for applying Velcro tracking markers. Screen lighting is supplied from overhead Kinoflo Green fluorescent tubes.

Motion capture

The studio hosts a 20 camera Vicon Bonita Motion Capture system, with MoCap suits in different sizes and a full set of optical tracking markers. It also contains a dedicated Blade workstation.


  • Approx. 6d x 9w 3h metres
  • 15 amp lighting grid with 24 dimmable sockets and 6 DMX units, all controlled by a Jester lighting panel
  • Lights available include 3 x Arri 700W, 3 x Redhead 800W, 3 x Dedo Bi-colour LED and a selection of lighting accessories including soft lighting, C-stands, flags, light stands, sand bags, super clamps, and black sheets to cut out green spill
  • A jib with pan/tilt head and dolly and track is also available.
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